Lazy Sundays - Sticker Pack
Lazy Sundays - Sticker Pack
Lazy Sundays - Sticker Pack

Lazy Sundays - Sticker Pack

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Embrace the cozy slow morning of a lazy Sunday. This delightful sticker pack is designed to capture the essence of slow, relaxed weekends, filled with simple pleasures and moments of tranquility.

Key Features:

  • Lazy Sunday Aesthetic: Inspired by the serene, unhurried pace of a lazy Sunday, these stickers feature images of breakfast in bed, cozy cats, and vintage objects.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for adding a touch of comfort to your planners, journals, scrapbooks, phone cases, laptops, and more. Infuse your daily life with the calm and joy of slow living.
  • Charming Design: With a mix of neutral colors, vintage motifs, and comforting visuals, each sticker exudes warmth and coziness, creating a soothing and inviting atmosphere.
  • Easy to Apply: Effortlessly peel and stick these stickers to any surface, and remove them without leaving any residue, allowing you to personalize your space with ease.

Lazy Sunday stickers are perfect for those who appreciate the beauty in everyday moments and the joy of taking things slow, this sticker pack is a lovely addition to your collection, reminding you to savor the better things in life.

  • 50 stickers
  • each sticker is approximately 1.5in
  • no repeats