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Minimal, clean aesthetic for functional planning. Daily planner inserts with a clean, feminine, classic French aesthetic for the busy, modern woman. This daily agenda insert breaks down groceries by categories which makes grocery trips very efficient! No running back to the produce aisle several times because you had kale at the top of your list and spinach in the middle.

Front of insert includes 4 sections: protein, frozen, fruits, veggies
Back of insert includes 3 sections: dairy, carbs & grains, other

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  • Black text on white background 
  • High quality heavyweight paper
  • Available in most planner sizes
  • Pre-punched
  • Comes with 15 inserts (each insert is printed back and front for a total of 30 dailies)
  • Digital printables will be emailed within 24 hours of purchase, no physical product will be shipped. Digital files may be printed on paper cut down to planner size or any standard size paper (ex: 8.5"x11").