90s Stickers - Fairy Flowers
90s Stickers - Fairy Flowers
90s Stickers - Fairy Flowers

90s Stickers - Fairy Flowers

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Step back into the colorful nostalgia of the 90s with this delightful collection of vintage stickers! Dive into a world of whimsical garden paradise with our enchanting flowers theme, perfect for adding a touch of retro charm to your journal, scrapbook, or planner.

Crafted with a mesmerizing holographic finish, each sticker glimmers and shines, evoking memories of simpler times. From fairies to to butterflies, our vintage stickers capture the essence of the beloved 90s era.

Whether you're a seasoned journal-er or a DIY enthusiast, these stickers are a must-have addition to your collection. Sprinkle them throughout your planner pages to add a pop of playful flair or create captivating scenes that transport you back to the heyday of Lisa Frank and neon everything.

Embrace the nostalgia and infuse your planning with a dash of retro magic.

  • holographic stickers
  • 3 sheets of stickers
  • each sheet measures 3.9in x 5.9in 
  • unpunched
  • extra space along left side for hole punching
  • 25 assorted stickers per sheet
  • 75 total stickers